Are you hungry for beauty, creativity, and authentic connection with others? Maybe it's time to nourish your soul and your senses. 

Ink & Stem workshops combine contemplative writing, mindful creativity, play, and container gardening. Sometimes we build living frames, succulent centerpieces, or woodland terrariums. Sometimes we burrow deep into our inner world with soulful writing, reflection, and safely facilitated group process. Always, we play and laugh and practice taking ourselves a little less seriously. Mostly we do a little of everything, finding inspiration in the moments when the hands meet the heart and we see how it's all connected. 

This is life, happening now in all its grit and glory. Ink & Stem workshops offer you a safe place to dig deep into your inner landscape.

Fabulous class! You did a great job of facilitating the day, creating a safe space, a relaxing atmosphere, and giving lots of space for things to unfold in a personal and natural way. Loved the succulent frame I made!
— participant, Living Frame workshop
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See something you like?

Contact me about setting up a private retreat or workshop, customized to your group and venue!

All Ink & Stem workshops include reflective writing. Pick from workshops that focus exclusively on creative and contemplative writing (for all writing levels and styles) or hybrids, which include a bit of reflective writing combined with time to create a unique succulent creation of your very own. We’re talking wreaths, tea cups, vertical frames, hearts, centerpieces, and more! Or, let’s make a woodland terrarium or living dinosaur world like the ones in my forthcoming terrarium book for kids, Tiny Dino Worlds: Build Your Own Prehistoric Habitats (Roost Books, fall 2019). Scroll down for inspiration and ideas. I’d love to bring one of these beautiful events to you and help you create a safe space to nurture your soul and your senses.

Spring workshops coming soon!

Past Events

My day was wonderful. Thank you, Christine! I love the combination between writing and planting. It woke up my creativity. Love it!
— participant, Ink & Stem
It was perfect! The perfect mix of comfortable tasks and out of the comfort zone prompts. I literally came in here feeling frozen and stuck. My intention was to leave feeling fluid and open. I’m doing just that!
— participant, Ink & Stem
So good! It made me realize how I go go go, rush, rush, rush. I want to change that to have more peace, more connection with my soul. Thank you!
— participant, Ink & Stem
Today was great. I love the intention and exploration of where we are and what we need to live our life more fully. Thank you for such a beautiful offering.
— participant, Ink & Stem
My day was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it! I didn’t expect the reflective aspect of it, but—and—it added a depth and tangible quality to the process of creating our gardens.
— participant, Ink & Stem


All OTHER photos: Christine Bayles Kortsch or Daniel Kortsch