We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen.

Jane Austen


Perhaps you have great intentions of "listening to your life," as Frederick Buechner would say. But the work deadline looms, the laundry piles up, the baby cries, and once again your creative soul is put on hold. What would your life look like if you took some time to listen intentionally and playfully to your own inner guide?

I will always be a teacher at heart. Some of my happiest moments have happened while watching a student have a Eureka moment. I especially welcome the people who stumble into my retreats, classrooms, or workshops looking a little worse for wear, or maybe just a bit too perfect. 

My retreats offer you a safe, protected space to drop in to the deep creative reservoir already inside you, right now, and to put into words what's already there.

I loved the intention and exploration of where we are and what we need to live our life more fully. Thank you for such a beautiful offering.
— participant, Ink & Stem retreat
Today was lovely! Thanks for adding the contemplative element to the class. Mindfulness and slowing down added to the experience and had healing qualities. Super fun!
Fabulous teacher—made class very interesting and lots of information. Loved the creative writing and thought-provoking questions.
It was perfect! The perfect mix of comfortable tasks and out of the comfort zone prompts. I literally came in here feeling frozen and stuck. My intention was to leave feeling fluid and open. I’m doing just that!