On a cold January day, I flew to Pennsylvania to lead a day retreat for the corporate team of Kathy Davis Studios. You may know Kathy Davis as one of the largest greeting card design companies in the U.S. I had the privilege to work with their corporate team of extraordinary artists, designers, writers, and leaders. I created a custom version of my Living Frame retreat--which combines succulent design with creative writing and soulful reflection. The Kathy Davis art center, The Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, is housed in a gorgeous old stone farmhouse. It was truly a magical day and such a profound privilege to guide this team of talented, whole-hearted designers and artists.


Raves from the Attendees:

“Fabulous Class! You did a great job of facilitating the day, creating a safe place, a relaxed atmosphere and giving lots of space for things to unfold in a personal and natural way. Love the succulent frame I made!”
“It was perfect! The perfect mix of comfortable tasks and out of the comfort zone prompts. I literally came in here feeling frozen and stuck. My intention was to leave feeling fluid and open. I’m doing just that!”
“Amazing! We so needed this. Loved the hands-on experience, not having to worry about what I was creating and reminding myself that imperfection (or cracks) ‘let the light in.’ You have a warm and lovely personality and it fits the kind of workshop wonderfully. ”
“It was truly a treat. I love how approachable everything was. Everything tied in really nicely and you included some of my favorite authors and poems. I feel renewed!”
“This was so rewarding! It really got me to think about my creative process...what’s working and what’s missing. I loved the group poetry. The quiet reflection—writing as an 8-year-old. I loved the succulent building! Building the frame itself, planting, and having something beautiful to take home along with all the thoughts about frames and growth. Wonderful workshop!”
“Loved this class. You opened up so many points for me that I didn’t even know needed to be nurtured. ”
“Lovely personality! Loved being with my co-workers!”
“Today was wonderful. You really created a safe space and protected time for us to be free and explore places that we as individuals don’t allow ourselves.”
“I had a lovely time. Thank you for the space to think and write.”
“Fabulous workshop. Loved the unlikely (at first) pairing of writing and creating a terrarium—seemed to engage a deeper creativity.”
“Such a wonderfully inspiring workshop! Could do this on a regular basis. You have a lovely and engaging way of encouraging creative spirits! Come again, please!”
“I loved that there are so many parallels to creative writing and making art (drawing, painting, designing). The workshop was a great reminder to take time to be creative, and stop thinking that everything else is more important than nurturing your creative spirit.”
“Wonderful, wonderful workshop. It was a great balance of writing and creating. I love that I learned new things and am taking home something I loved making. Thank you for the lessons and beautiful keepsake.”