Alive While We Are Live

Taproot Magazine (April 2019).

Personal essay about “tending our inner gardens.”

Photographs by Christine Bayles Kortsch and Daniel Kortsch.

"Succulents are practically perfect..."

The Denver Post, 22 June 2018.

Interview and photos about succulent designs and Ink & Stem Workshops.

"Hands On"

5280 Magazine, March 2017.

Interview about the appeal of the handmade. Photographs by Christine Bayles Kortsch. Ink & Stem Workshops named one of "38 Cool Classes for Adults."

"Diary of a Hen Owner"

5280 Magazine, May 2015.

Personal essay. Photographs by Daniel Kortsch.

One Denverite discovers the trials and delights of keeping chickens—from coop construction to poop cleanup to gathering brunch eggs from the backyard.

Book Review, Famine and Fashion by Beth Harris.

Victorian Periodicals Review 40.3 (Fall 2007).

Book Review, Representing Female Artistic Labour by Patricia Zakreski.

Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 26.1 (Spring 2007).

Book Review, Dressed in Fiction by Clair Hughes

Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 25.2 (Fall 2006).