Welcome to Rivendell, Tulum style. Imagine a glammed-up treehouse, suspended above the steamy jungle, lit entirely with candles. This is Kin Toh at Azulik. We came for cocktails and dinner. To get to the restaurant, you check in at a normal-looking lobby, then cross a footbridge to climb a curving spiral staircase lit by blown-glass lanterns. With each step, the outside world falls away.

At the top, you find you're in an elaborate treehouse built on and around the trees. Down below, footpaths curve over pools of water. Upstairs, giant hammocks sling across empty spaces where wooden floors should be, beckoning those unafraid of heights. After a cocktail or two, it's easy to kick off your shoes and crawl out there. For those ready to fork over some serious bank, you can rent a private nest that levitates above the jungle. If I were a princess, this is exactly the kind of palace I'd want for my own.

It's all outside, of course, so it's sweaty and a bit buggy. A star anise cocktail clinking with ice tastes like heaven. Sun-kissed hostesses in pink backless gowns lead you to your table like a fleet of sexy bridesmaids. It all feels exclusive and rare and sensual.

I've never witnessed design that harmonizes so beautifully with nature. After dinner, we crawled out onto those hammocks, laughing like giddy teenagers. Then we wandered out to the main road and back to reality, pinching ourselves all the way.